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The most beautiful Bentota is a well known tourist attraction at all times. The alarming and breathtaking beach with an unforgettable Ocean views, the best sea food on the Island and lets you experience the most desired traditional cultural influence. Bentota beholds one of the most amazing hotels to the Island; Aida. Hotel Aida is nothing but the dream paradise you were longing to spend your vacation at. The perfect atmosphere, unique nature of exposure, unbelievable hospitality, the scenic view, traditional touch of ancient treatments with Ayurveda and its experts, provision of all modernized facilities and services at the same time and entertainment and relaxation throughout. Spend your vacation with no distractions at Aida and experience a unique mix of beauty, health and peace.
Accommodate yourself at a place with genuine interest. The Ayurvedic hotel offers you with facilities and services that relaxes and rejuvenates you within. The extremely relaxing hotel creates the need of mental and physical purification at Aida. We offer you with a series of Ayurvedic facilities as follows.

Yoga Classes - Our experts will help you practice quieting your mind which benefits your health by improving flexibility and strength.

Meditation - Regain your lost energy by practicing meditating techniques at Aida which results in improving your health and helping you discover the leader within you.

AVINYA Spa - While you enjoy your holiday in the most relaxing way as possible, tempt yourself to be indulged by the soothing spa treatments which includes face and body wraps, face and body massages, aromatherapies and body scrubs that makes your skin looks younger and refreshed and makes you feel entirely rejuvenated.

Apart from Ayurvedic soothing treatments Hotel Aida offers you with various other facilities as Library and a reading room which offers you the opportunity to gather worldly knowledge whenever you feel like, our enormous well maintained swimming pool that lets you enjoy a refreshing dip at any time of the day, palm and horoscope reading which lets you explore when you will achieve your dreams and be prepared for it, fast and reliable laundry facilities to ensure our guests are stress free with us, Aida Gem and jeweler shop lets all our guests pick their favorite piece of jewel as remembrance as you leave us and Aida textile shop which lets you enjoy a moment of shopping for all the shopaholics.


As you enter a land of traditional values and beliefs you will get the opportunity to enjoy a balanced and mouth watering meal of your preference. Hotel Aida offers all its guests the opportunity to enjoy an Ayurvedic diet that keeps the body light and in shape enriched with high nutrients. How would you like to enjoy a candle lit dinner on a romantic evening? Or anywhere you'd feel relaxed? Our ever attending staff will extend their full service to keep you assisted and provided throughout.

Exceeding all expectations the Ayurvedic resort offers you with a unique set of experiences. Once you step in until the moment you leave your foot prints with us, every bit of experience would be novel and refreshing you mentally and physically forgetting all your stress and burdens. Spend some quality time with us and feel how special you're to us!

Products & Services :Air conditioned rooms, Well maintained bathrooms, Laundry services, Swimming pool, Library and reading room, Aida Gem and Jeweler shop, Aida textile shop, AVINYA spa, Meditating sessions, Yoga classes, Palm reading, Horoscope reading, Aida restaurant and 24 hour room service.

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