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Welcome to Hibiscus Garden Hotel; a genuine place of interest to spend quality time in a perfect vacation. The hotel surrounded by a natural reservoir gives it radiance all over. We offer you with a stay experience that is unmatched on the Island. Hibiscus Garden Hotel gives you the opportunity to discover what your senses have been seeking all along. The breath taking surrounding, tastefully decorated rooms for your stay, unmatched hospitality and provision of all the facilities that you'd ever demand all add up to an unforgettable stay at Hibiscus Garden Hotel. The hotel positions in pride in Tissamaharama which lets you experience exciting excursions. Visit us and explore the nature while adding up a whole bunch of unspoken and amazing experiences as your favorite vacation to your memory lane.

The distinctively decorated rooms are designed in a way to suit your mood. Each well equipped rooms function as living, sleeping and bath areas giving you comfort and making you feel home. The very spacious rooms are offered to you with a luxurious set of facilities included; air conditioning, fans for those who prefer, solar hot water in room, free WiFi facilities to keep you connected to the outer world, water heater and a mini bar to be a little tipsy whenever you feel like on an exciting night. Our ever attending staff will assist you and serve you 24 hours just to make your stay more comfortable and convenient. Each and every room the hotel possesses is well maintained and taken care of. Sit back in your room and relax as much as you want before we get started with the exciting excursions making your vacation more interesting.

Lily Beach Cabanas - We also offers you with Lily Beach Cabanas nearby to the Pothuvil beach. You will be given the opportunity to cook alone if you may prefer.

Fishing Huts - Fishing Huts which are also located in the hotel premises let you relax with an unforgettable oceanic view. We can of course on your request arrange a BBQ on the premises with a possible overnight stay in the fishing hut.

Experience a mixture of Eastern, Western and local cuisines at our open air restaurant on the first floor. Guests are assured with all-inclusive gastronomic delights as well as exotic cuisine styles. You may choose from any of the in-restaurant selections to satisfy your cravings for an authentic dinner. Enjoy your meals any where you prefer, private if you may prefer or in our open air restaurant absorbing the cool breeze that flow.

Tissamaharama is an ideal place where you could end up your journey experiencing unforgettable wonders of the nature. Now you can experience, witness and capture the rarest opportunities that lighten your vacation. Be prepared to experience the wildest safaris at Yala, go interesting tours on Bird watching, go on a fishing tour with local fishermen, relax and enjoy a BBQ or a lobster dinner at the beach, visit important religious temples on the Island as Kataragama Temple during the season (July - August) which let you experience unseen processions followed by elephants or go on boat trips to the bird Island on the reservoir during twilight.

Promisingly this vacation is going to be one of your favorites of all. With us this vacation is not just about relaxing and resting at the hotel, but experiencing, exploring and discovering and letting yourself be a warrior throughout the journey. So don't miss out the chance to be a warrior and try out adventure while enjoying to a maximum!

Products & Services :Air conditioned rooms, Ceiling fans, Free WiFi facilities, 24 hour room service, Well equipped bathrooms, Heater, Mini bar, Open air restaurant, Swimming pool, Best excursion options as wild safaris, bird watching, boat riding and many more.

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