Knuckles Mountain Range - Eco Team Trekking Camp (ETHC 004)

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ETHC 004 Knuckles Mountain Range – Eco Team Trekking Camp
The Knuckles Mountain Range (so-called because its appearance resembles a set of knuckles in a closed fist) has been declared a conservation area, and is now known as the Knuckles National Heritage And Wilderness Area. The region stretches an impressive 155 sq km that contains five major forest formations, a wide variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna and some breathtaking mountain scenery. It is a real paradise for those who love to hike or mountain bike, offering numerous trails that journey across clear rivers, through dense forests, past flowing waterfalls and lush tea plantations, and alongside terraced paddy fields and colourful Kandyan home gardens. The chance to visit traditional small mountain villages in the area gives an interesting insight into the close-knit atmosphere that such a local community fosters and provides a welcome departure from fast-paced modern day life.
ETHC 004a Eco Team Trekking Camp - Knuckles Mountain Range
Eco Team Trekkers Camp is located in the, Riverston (northern part of the Knuckles Range), at an altitude of 1400m above sea level. It is a magical place to revel in the sheer beauty of the sun rising behind the Manigala peak, gradually illuminating the vast valley below. After a fascinating day exploring the area, guests are welcomed back to the camp with a hearty barbecue meal, an opportunity for a refreshing bath in the nearby brook and an evening of stargazing and simply enjoying the wonder of the surroundings.

Guests will be met at Raththota and driven to the camp. Here they will be welcomed and served with a refreshing drink. While sipping the drink they will be briefed on the camping rules and regulations. Before lunch is served, guests are free to take a bath from the crystal clear brook. Afternoon of trekking. Evening at leisure, star gazing and enjoying hearty bbq dinner.


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On your return from the afternoon safari, you will be welcomed with a hearty barbecue meal in a magical setting – the whole area is lit up with traditional flame torches and a roaring campfire. So sit back, relax and let our experienced staff cater to your every need.

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