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Be a Legend in the Wild!

Would You Like To Be A “MAHOORA”?

The ancient Veddah tribe, the earliest known inhabitants of Sri Lanka, had a name for a VIP: Maha Hoora, which literally means “the Great One”.

Now, the Eco Team, Sri Lanka’s premier adventure operator, brings you MAHOORA, the super-luxury camping experience blending Service fit for Royalty with an indigenous touch and real wilderness.


Mahoora Luxury Safari Camps


If it’s the ultimate camping safari experience you’re looking for in the utmost comfort, MAHOORA is the choice for you! Sit back and relax, and let the Eco Team take you on an experience that you’ll never forget!

Each night, bask under a million stars winking at you through an unpolluted sky, as you relish the experience of a Mahoora Camp in the heart of one of Sri Lanka’s many National Parks & Nature Reserves.

Mahoora Standard Safari Camps

Forget any ideas about cramped tents and sitting on the ground for meals – this is the second best option in camping in style! The camp is set up prior to your arrival, transporting in comfortable tents, a fully equipped kitchen, chairs and tables, hammocks, flushable toilets, showers and even cold beer.

On your return from the afternoon safari, you will be welcomed with a hearty barbecue meal in a magical setting – the whole area is lit up with traditional flame torches and a roaring campfire. So sit back, relax and let our experienced staff cater to your every need.


National Park and Nature Reserve Locations

ETNP 001

Bundala National Park, covering an area of 6216 hectares, is located about 250km southeast of Colombo in the Hambantota district. The park falls within the southeastern arid zone of Sri Lanka, with a general climate that can be classified as hot and dry.
Bundala National Park

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ETNP 007

Udawalawe National Park is located approximately 200 km south-east of Colombo city. The 30,821 hectare dry zone game park has an annual rainfall of 1,524 mm and an average temperature of 29.4 0 C. It is most famous for the many elephants that live there (about 400 in total).

Udawalawe National Park

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ETNP 008


Wasgamuwa National Park, located in the districts of Matale and Polonnaruwa and bordered by the ‘Mahaweli' and ‘Amban' rivers, stretches an impressive 36,948 hectares. Home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, this park is truly a paradise for the nature lover.

Wasgamuwa National Park
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ETSP 006


Sri Lanka's tropical rain forest, the Sinharaja is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. One of the few virgin forests left in the world. More than 60% of the trees are endemic and many of them are considered rare.

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ETHC 004


The Knuckles Mountain Range is a major eco tourism venue of Sri Lanka. The region stretches an impressive 155 sq km that contains five major forest formations, a wide variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna and some breathtaking mountain scenery of Sri Lanka .

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ETSP 002


Dambana is a remote jungle village of indigenous people renowned for its eco tourism prospects, situated about 300km from Colombo. The population of these indigenous ‘Veddha' people now consists of only about 350 families, a number significantly reduced from a once thriving community.

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ETNP 010


Yala National Park lies 24km northeast of Tissamaharama and 290km from Colombo on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, spanning a vast 97,878 hectares over the Southern and Uva Provinces. The park is renowned for the variety of its wildlife and its fine coastline (associated with beautiful coral reefs).

Yala National Park
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ETNP 003

Horton Plains National Park (Maha Eliya)

Horton Plains National Park is undoubtedly one of the world's best nature reserves. It is characterised by a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, covered in upper montane forest and wet patana grassland. In general, the forests are seen on the hilltops or upper slopes, and the grasslands in the valleys and lower slopes, eventually giving way to wetland habitats.

ETNP 005

Kumana (Yala East) National Park

Located in the southeast corner of Sri Lanka, the 18,149 hectare Kumana (Yala East) National Park is a well-known eco tourism attraction and bird sanctuary where a multitude of birds breed and roost.

ETNP 006
Minneriya National Park

Located between Habarana and Polonnaruwa, the 8890 hectares of Minneriya National Park is an ideal eco tourism location in Sri Lanka . The park consists of mixed evergreen forest and scrub areas and is home to Sri Lanka 's favourites such as sambar deer, leopards and elephants.

ETNP 009

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is located 26 km north of Puttalam (approximately 180 km north of Colombo).It boasts an impressive variety of flora in huge expanses of forest, and varied wildlife, including deer, elephants, wild boar, sloth bears and leopards.

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Explore Sri Lanka 's highest mountains, deepest rivers, the most abundant movement of wildlife and one of the most beautiful virgin tropical rain forests in South Asia with us. Our team of dedicated travel experts are at hand to advise or guide you in all your travel, safari and Eco tourism needs in Sri Lanka.

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