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The park, opened at the turn of the century, will entice those seeking both the solitude or an unspoilt jungle setting or the chance to indulge in a range of challenging outdoor activities. The cosseted or faint-hearted should look elsewhere. Outdoor lovers will enjoy the simplicity of the comfortable yet rustic accommodation. Standard and deluxe rooms are scattered around the main resort area, in 12 acres of tropical forest. Across the Ella-Wellaweya road, the park stretches over another 38 acres. Here there are also eco lodges, jungle cabins and camp sites in the valley below, a 20-minute trek through jungle.
Products & Services :Ten chalets including one tree house, were largely constructed with local materials and blend into this most natural of outdoor settings, so much so that you sense you are living alone in the forest. All possess shower and h/c water. The restaurant serves Sri Lankan and Western dishes.
Canoeing, Canyoning, Nature trek, Aerial rope, Hiking, Bird watching with knowledgeable guide, Abseiling, Camping, Rock climbing, Kayaking
Ella lies in one of the most scenic parts of the hill country, on the road south from Nuwara Eliya, and relatively close to the lesser-known hill station of Bandarawela. This eco-friendly park nestles on the banks of Kirindi River, six miles to the south of Ella village, and is at peace with a breathtaking terrain of tropical rainforest, majestic peaks and rushing waterfalls.
Canoeing (in sea kayaks on the placid Handapanagala Lake ), nature trek, hiking (up to several days, with the chance to rest and eat in a traditional Sri Lankan village), bird watching with knowledgeable guide, abseiling, camping (in two cleared jungle or river settings, with camp fires and BBQs under the stars), rock climbing.


Safeties are priority in any adventure activities. Therefore our facilitators are well trained to handle any high impact activities. Which include handling of international equipment.
The facilitators have no hesitations to stop any activities, which he feels unsafe for the participant.Ankelipauwa has several adventure activities in the Wilderness. Which was built in a safe and friendly environment.
During activities all participant are required to wear shoes, sock, long pant and shirt. The reason for this is there will be a lot of rope abrasions, which can course damage to your skin. Before any activities were done the facilitator will do a demonstration.

Aerial rope
This activity is for building self-confidence. It is build from a metal wire, which was erected crossing the Kirindi Oya. Equipment used for this exercise are harness, karabiners, helmet, safety line and a hanging loop. Only one person can do this activities at one time the rest will be giving morale support. At the landing area a thick mat is available for protection.

Monkey rope
An individual requires certain amount of self-motivation to deal with the physical demand of the obstacles. The climber will be attached to a dynamic rope and will be belayed by another person or by the facilitator. Te climber has to climb through a manila rope, which was about 15 feet high then you need hang yourself, and moved toward the end of the rope. Just incase you will not be able to reach the end you can detach yourself from the rope and you will be belayed down by the belayer.

Slithering rope
An individual has to walk backward by holding a big rope as well as attached with a dynamic rope hook on a loop of harnesses. Trust of the equipment is required in this activity. The length of the rope is approximately about 40 feet. You need to have certain amount of balancing skill to get yourself a maximum fun of the activities. You have to keep you belayer inform about whether to give you more slake on the rope.

Toddy taper
This is a continuation of the slithering rope. You have to walk on a single rope with your hand holding on to another rope. To gain more stability it is advisable to slide your feet along the way rather then by walking. The rope is approximately 25 feet high and 35 feet long. For safety reason you are attached to a safety rope. Upon arriving at the edge you will be lowered down.

Guests booked in Camping Site are entitled to participate in above activities free.

Check-in/Check-out Time
Normal Check-in Time is 12.00 noon and Check-Out time is 11.00 a.m. Earlier Check-in Time or later Check-out time could be requested on a case by case basis and the hotel may agree depending on availability.

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