In 247 B.C. Buddhism was first introduced to Sri Lanka on the mountain of Mihintale. Since then, various kings of Sri Lanka have blessed this rock with magnificent masterpieces of architecture. These include a hospital, a monastic complex, stupas and dagobas. While some of these structures are in an almost perfect state of preservation, some others are in complete ruin. The most spectacular of these is the Kantaka Chaitiya, which displays some of the finest architecture of the early Anuradhapura era.

The climb to the summit consists of almost a thousand steps.

The journey is not as strenuous as it may seem however, as it is sporadically interrupted by the awe-inspiring architectural remnants of the past glory of the hill. If this is not motivation enough for a weary traveler to undertake the task, the superb view at the summit of the great dagobas of Anuradhapura definitely will be.

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