Enter into the mouth of the Lion.... Sigiriya

The Lionís Rock bears an ancient fortress and palace built by King Kasyapa I. It is a site that greatly reflects the grandeur and elegance of a fascinating time gone by. With its intriguing history, to the tasteful details that marvel the eyes, Sigiriya becomes a place that would interest each and every pilgrim that visits the remains of this magnificent castle. Its ingenuity and innovativeness has made this site one of the seven World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka, nominated by the UNESCO.
Sigiriya Sigiriya
The preponderance of the structure was built in the 5th Century A.D. to house and safeguard the usurp King, Kasyapa I. Hence, this manmade marvel is both a palace as well as a fortress. The whole layout is considered one the most significant urban planning sites of the first millennium.
Sigiriya holds many spectacles. The gardens are a site to see! With its many fountains (which are still functional to this day) and pools situated in the water gardens; to the 5 meter long throne which is carved from a boulder in the boulder gardens; to the terraces which form the path to the Lionís gate. The Lionís gate is what originated the name Ė the Lionís rock. The gate originally depicted a 60 feet tall, crouching lion. Only the paws remain today. The mouth of the lion was the entrance which led to the pathway into the upper palace. The western face of the rock is said to have been covered with exquisite frescoes (paintings), which perhaps might have been the largest picture in the world. These frescoes depict dazzling damsels posing with flowers and other ornaments. Many have faded off. However, about a dozen still remain. The mirror wall is yet another manifestation that is awed upon by many. The wall originally acted as a mirror for the king, to admire his own reflection while walking alongside it. It later served as an inscription wall for visitors.
Sigiriya Sigiriya
This magnificent and awe inspiring site is a must-see when visiting Sri Lanka. The originality and grandeur of this once luscious kingdom, has now become an icon for the country and is a great insight to the architecture of the ancient times.
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