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It is a city that keeps pace with modern developments while preserving its past.

Among the many places of interest in the City are the Fort, the Old Parliament House, Buddhist temples, Old Churches, Hindu temples, Mosques, the National Museum, Independence Hall, Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall and the Zoological Gardens. Five Star international chain hotels and a large number of other hotels and guest houses provide comfortable accommodation to the visitors at affordable prices.

Shopping: Products that are worth buying in Sri Lanka include world famous Ceylon tea, clothing (many designer clothes are manufactured in Sri Lanka and you can buy them here for a fraction of the cost elsewhere) and jewelry (including the Sri Lankan blue saphire).

Restaurants: Mediteraan Restaurant, Piers Floating Restaurant, Ceylon Continental Hotel, The Colombo Plaza, Grand Oriental Hotel, Hilton Hotel - Colombo

Museums: The National Museum of Natural History, behind the main museum, has many fine examples of Sri alnka's wildlife and other natural resources.

The musuem's paintings, dating back centuries, tell a tale of a bygone era when the pace was more relaxed. There are scenes of Sri Lanka's aborigines, the Veddahs, hunting with bows and arrows.

For researchers, the Museum Library has over half a million publications of interest. For children, the fascinating world of puppetry comes alive with the display upstairs. There are masks used in traditional dance, including devil dancing.

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