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The name Thambapanni originates from Mahawansa (History of Sri Lanka). Where traditionally and conventionally we trace the origins of the Sinhala race to King Vijaya. It is stated that When those who were commanded by Vijaya landed there from their ship, they wearied, resting their hands on the ground. Since their hands were reddened by touching the dust of the red earth of that region, the Island was named Thambapanni (copper colored earth)
Thambapanni Retreat offers a host of amenities, facilities and levels of comfort and maintains the meticulous standards required by the discerning guest. In its privileged setting amidst the lush bamboo groves of Unawatuna, it is an enchanting haven for the mind, body and spirit.

A home away home with all modern facilities at Thambapanni Retreat. The accommodation at Thambapanni comprises luxurious bungalows, villas and standard suites to fit in any budget, which are in harmony with the untouched surroundings and are an inspired adaptation of tropical Asian architecture combined with the essence of colonial flavour.


Standard rooms are equipped with A/C, Fans and Private Bathrooms with Shower. Best Possible Place to Relax with Nature and Hospitality.


Deluxe rooms are equipped with A/C, Mini Bar, Satellite TV, Hot & Cold Water, Antique Furniture, Approximate sq: feet 240, Private Balcony sq: feet 90.

Recreational Facilities

The Wellness centre lying in the heart of Thambapanni Retreat offers programs for realizing the full potential of the body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda means the wisdom of life. It is a 5,000 year old science and healing system that teaches you how to choose food, herbs, body work and healing practices for your body and personality type, allowing you to take charge of your health and energy system.


A union of higher self or true self, with the self which lives and breathes through daily life-the self that develops habits preventing freedom. Yoga offers a way to win back our original freedom through body/mind/spirit awareness.
Physical alignment lifts us into the lines of gravity, which makes us light, stable, and strong, mentally as well as physically. Unfortunately through our daily lives, most of us train ourselves to compress our organs, misaligns our skeletons and otherwise develop discomfort and even disease. Yoga offers a way to transform these unhealthy habits, leading our bodies and our minds into wholeness and joy.

Gentle Hatha Yoga approaches asana practice, coupled with Pranayama (breathing techniques) and sublime guided Meditation. With postures that gently stretch, strengthen and soothe the body. Also presented are restorative poses to nurture the bodies energy into balance, and deep relaxation to help release stress and let the body/mind rest deeply. This is a wonderful combination for re-energizing the body and destressing the mind.

In a rainbow of Vedic options including:
  • Ayurvedic oil massages
  • Yoga teachings
  • Healthy and delicious food
  • Meditation
  • Herbal steam sauna
  • Reiki Treatments and initiations
Thambapanni Retreat offers a rejuvenating voyage of a new inner and outer discovery.
Diving & Snorkelling in Unawatuna
Unawatuna is a wonderful place for scuba diving and snorkelling. Explore the fantastic marine life such as coral, ship wrecks, myriad tropical fish, coral fish, angle fish and puffer fish just off the coast of Unawatuna .
Nature Trails
Go trekking! and get a feel of the earth; walk through the forests and feel the breeze on your face; trudge through unspoilt territory and explore for yourself- go trekking.
Bird watching
Bird watching, another popular activity, is available at the Koggala which is teeming with bird life.
Galle Fort
Explore the historic 90-acre Galle Fort which was declared an archeological reserve by the UN. This walled city bears witness to its past through the near crumbling architecture of grand old buildings, street names, and Dutch churches, still active.
Koggala Turtle Hatchery
Witness how the newborn turtles are being cared for until they are ready to be released back to the ocean. The wide sandy beaches that exist round the island of Sri Lanka are utilized by several of the marine turtles for laying their eggs. The commonest of these are the Loggerheads and the Leathery turtle while the green turtle is a less common visitor.
Thambapanni Retreat is situated between Rumassala range of mountains and Unawatuna Beach: two well-known locations with their very own identities. Rumassala is a patch of forest, super rich in bio-diversity and home to many herbs of medicinal value. This legendary mountain terrain is over-looking the centuries old Galle port. The epic Ramayanaya, which says that God Hanuman whilst carrying a patch of land with medicine plants from Himalaya accidentally dropped a part of it at Unawatuna. Mount Rumassala is there since then.

Unawatuna beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, which increases the scenic beauty of this picturesque Island. This is one of the seven best beaches of the world with its miles of glorious pristine golden sand, swaying palms, crystal clear aquamarine coloured water, abundance of tropical sun and diverse marine life based around corals. You are just three minutes away from this magnificent beach.

Products & Services :Thambapanni Retreat offers all the modern facilities including Swimming Pool, Yoga & Vegetation, Ayurvedic Massages, A/C, Hot & Cold Water, DVD, Satellite TV, Mini Bars, Tea & Coffee Making Facilities.
Check-in/Check-out Time
Normal Check-in Time is 12.00 noon and Check-Out time is 11.00 a.m. Earlier Check-in Time or later Check-out time could be requested on a case by case basis and the hotel may agree depending on availability.

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