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Journey to Polonnaruwa; ancient capital city of Sri Lanka and seat of power of Parakrama, High King of a Majestic era. Beside the banks of the Parakrama Samudra Reservoir, (the second largest inland body of water) surrounded by lush foliage, and serenaded by birds... You will encounter Hotel Sudu Araliya situated on the banks of Parakrama Samudraya - a heaven for the discerning traveler.
Come experience the comfort amidst star class hospitality! Hotel Sudu Araliya, with 50 air-conditioned rooms each nestling amongst flora, all with hot & cold water, mini bar, pipe music, telephones, television, and some rooms with bath tub and balcony. Although the hotel is located in the north central province of the country, you will find splendid greenery in and around the hotel premises.

Swimming Pool & Pool Bar

The Swimming pool is surrounded by the large landscaped garden and the pool bar is stock with range of alcoholic and normal beverages.

Banquet and Conference Hall

The spacious air-conditioned Banquet and conference hall is equipped with facilities required for conference and seminars and have a seating capacity of 300 to suit any function.

Business Center

Business center is equipped with Facsimile, IDD, Internet & e-mail facilities.

Landscaped Garden

The large landscaped garden is a unique natural resort and planted with tropical and dry zone trees. Well laid down and spacious garden is used for various occasions such as weddings, meetings, private gatherings etc.

Dine & Wine

The Restaurant

The restaurant is open to the garden with a panoramic view of the Parakrama Samudra Reservoir, serving Eastern & Western cuisine and specializing in exotic typical Sri Lankan dishes special Theme nights. BBQ nights & Special buffet.

Coffee Shop

A spacious and comfortable Coffee Shop situated right in the middle of the hotel lobby it is well laid out and serves excellent coffee along with cakes, pastries etc.


A well stock wine seller with variety of our own cocktails to make your stay much more enjoyable & dazzling.

Ayurvedic Center
Experience the highest quality Ayurvedic treatments and services at Hotel Sudu Araliya. We offer a wide range of treatments and packages tailored to suit your needs.

Head Massage (Sirasa Abhyaanga)

A special herbal oil treatment, which relaxes stress, stimulates sensory and motor nerve functions, thus providing a sound, calm and comfortable sensation to the head.

Face Massage (Vaktra Abhyanga)

Special herbal oil or an herbal cream is used in this treatment which improves the complexion and luster of the facial skin providing a rich and pleasant look to the face. It is effective against facial paralysis, problems with mastication etc..

Body Massage (Shareera Abhyanga)

Body massage improves blood circulation relaxes the entire body from fatigue, muscular pain and strain. It will nourish the nervous system gives a beautiful luster to the skin. It is effective against the wastage of muscle etc. It is a rejuvenation therapy and preserves youthful qualities.

Intensive Massage (Sandhi Abhyanga)

This involves massaging of small and large joints of the body, which reduces pain in the joints, improving the activities of them and effective against swelling, pain and arthritic conditions.

Massage with Seeds and Herbal Leaves (Panda Sweda)

In this treatment a bolus (pottani) made of fresh herbal leaves or seeds is used for fermentation which is followed by an application of herbal oil over the entire body or selected areas of the body. This therapy is successfully used to cure large and small joints pains, swellings, arthritic affections and etc..

Foot Massage (Paada Abhyanga)

A very effective treatment to reduce the pains and muscle strains and tightening of the foot. It will stimulate the nervous centers of the brain and plexus of the body, providing a complete relaxation and light sensation.

Siro Dhara (Royal Bath)

In this treatment slightly warm herbal oil is poured to the centre of the forehead as a stream from a paatra (pot) hanged over from a suitable distance from the head. This therapy is effective for insomnia (sleeplessness), emotional and tensional headaches, stress, restlessness and to claim down the mind.

Steam Bath (Vaashpa Sweda)

Exposure to the vapor of fresh herbal leaves and dry herbs in a sealed wooden cabin for a limited period. This treatment is highly effective against muscular and joint pains, toxic-congestion of interior environment. It reduces the fat deposits from abdomen, thigh, breasts and back etc..

Herbal Bath (Avagaha Sweda)

Medicated herbal water with leaves and dry herbs are used in this treatment. It is effective to remove dead cells from the skin and increases the action of the sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Regular use of this treatment is effective against most of the skin diseases.

Flower Bath

Scents and essential oils of the natural flowers have a way of taking us closer towards wholeness. The preparation of scents and essential oils of natural flowers is tightly linked to the other channels of perception-taste, color and also memory. The oils and scents profoundly influence our inner state, rubbed into the skin by massage are absorbed into the deeper layers of the body tissues, lymphatic glands to boost blood circulation, The perception of the scents goes to our brain and to the limbic system which governs motivation, sympathy, memory and creativity. In a flower bath containing natural flowers to acquire the whole effect... The wholeness.

Hotel Sudu Araliya is situated on the banks of Parakrama Samudraya at Polonnaruwa and 216km away from Colombo, easy access to archaeological sites and national parks.
Products & Services :50 luxurious furnished A/C bedrooms facing lake/garden, Hot & cold water, Pipe music, Telephone, Television, Mini bar, Air conditioned lake view restaurant, Air conditioned lake view bar, Room service, IDD, Internet & e-mail facilities.
Check-in/Check-out Time
Normal Check-in Time is 12.00 noon and Check-Out time is 11.00 a.m. Earlier Check-in Time or later Check-out time could be requested on a case by case basis and the hotel may agree depending on availability.

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