The island of Sri Lanka has accommodation to suit almost any taste and budget.
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Boutique Hotels are a recent trend in Sri Lanka. Usually with just 3-15 rooms, they offer a quietness and privacy that is hard to find in larger hotels. Every Boutique Hotel has its own unique style and its smaller size means more personalized service. Ideal for an intimate get-away with someone special, Boutique Hotels are known for their atmosphere of tranquillity and romance. More expensive than your average hotel, boutique hotels have a magical charm not easily forgotten.

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Hotels usually have at least 50 rooms, but larger hotels can have up to 500 rooms and suites. Hotels can be found to suit any budget in Sri Lanka, and are ideal for families or large groups because of their many facilities and activities. Sri Lanka has quite a few 'Colonial' style hotels that are usually Colonial Mansions transformed into luxurious hotels, yet preserving their former grandeur and character

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Bungalows are small homes that were once Colonial properties but have since been renovated for modern use. Bungalows in the hill country were originally built as holiday cottages for British tea-planters, and many have been re-furbished to be luxurious and comfortable. Bungalows most often have their own kitchens and some even come complete with maid and cook. They are ideal for couples looking for privacy and romance, or even families and smaller groups. Although Bungalows don't have all the facilities of a large hotel, they are a cost-effective alternative for larger groups.

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A villa is very similar to a Bungalow, though some may have more rooms. They are usually luxury residences, built to satisfy all the creature comforts of a guest. In the same way that smaller homes in the hill country are usually called 'Bungalows,' summer homes on the island's coast are usually called 'Villas.' Private Villas are usually rented out to guests as a complete house and come with well-equipped kitchens. Villas are very versatile in their pricing, and they are a great option for couples, families and large groups.

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