Well known for its picturesque lagoon, a paradise for shallow sea fishing activities, Puttalam lies on the North Western coastal belt. Bordering the Kala Oya and Modara Gam Aru in the north, Anuradhpura and Kurunegala districts in the east, Ma Oya in the south and the Indian Ocean in the west, Puttalam is home to people of every faith and race. History of this dry zone district goes back to the arrival of North Indian Prince Vijaya, 2500 years ago in Tammanna in the coastal belt above Puttalam.This happened when his vessel was washed ashore. Thonigala the homeland of Kuweni is deep in the district.

PuttalamSituated at the apex of the coconut triangle, Puttalam is the second largest coconut producer of the country. And Tabbowa, a fertile land for agriculture records highest paddy production per acre. Holland fort at Kalpitiya, St. Anne's Church in Thalawila and Munneshwaram Kovil in Chillaw underline the historical importance of this region.