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Terrarium Products


We produce the finest terrarium products to make your loving pet feel the comfort of their natural habitat. In order to do so we obtain the best quality raw materials such as coconut shells, coco peat, and coir fibre. We manufacture different types of terrarium products and also we can customize our products for your valuable requirements
In the present world, coco peat products are widely used as terrarium substrate for animal bedding, and other coir materials (coconut shells etc.) as hiding places or shelters for animals.
Normally a reptile terrarium should be an open terrarium and closed one. People use terrariums for keeping animals in an open and airy environment which is more likely their natural living environment. As an example we can produce well cleaned coconut shell caves as a hiding place. For animal bedding the ideal substrates are coconut husk chips and coir peat. These terrarium products are friendlier with the natural environment and it is easy to clean and maintain even in large cages.
We produce terrariums which can be applied to environments for keeping small animals such as Chameleons, Geckos, Snakes, Turtles, Dart frogs, Tarantulas.

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