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Geotextiles (Woven Coir Geo-Mat)
We Noramix group is one of the largest exporters in Geotextiles industry. It is also popular as Woven Coir Geo-Mat. Geotextiles can be woven using automated machines & hand operated machines. The difference is gseotextiles that are made by machines use only machine spun twine, but hand operated machines can handle both machine spun twine & handmade yarn.
Per your requirement, coir mats could be either rolled up or baled. Most common are 400g/sqm, 700g/sqm & 900g/sqm geotextiles but we can supply between 300 g/sqm to 1000g/sqm based on the requirement. By changing the type of twine used & number of twines used can control the the weight per square meter.
No fertilizer content in the Geotextile and composed soil should be placed over the geotextile if the base soil is not good enough. Contact us for the steps that you need to follow and we will advice accordingly.

Why Noramix Geotextiles ?

  • Temporary soil covering until re-vegetation take place.
  • Eco friendly shield against wind or water erosion.
  • It helps to re-enforce soil.
  • Stopper for composed material, seeds & seed links.
  • Enhance water draining.
  • Biodegradable and finally improve quality of soil.
  • 100% renewable product.
  • High tensile strength.
  • It can be laid on high gradients.
  • Variable sizes are available.
  • Aperture size (Yarns per given length in both directions) can be adjusted to suit the application.

In addition you are free to contact our technical team for site installation process and more details


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