Coir Brushes and Coir Mats

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Coir Brushes and Coir Mats

Coir Brushes & Coir Mats
Coir Brushes and Door mats are made with tightly bound natural palm fibre. It is the best material as it is strong and durable. Also some are produced with PP fibre in different colours. According to the customerís requirement, we Noramix team have a range of brushes. All brushers we produce and door mats are long lasting and eco friendly.
Tawashi Brushes
Tawashi brushes are commonly used for cleaning vegetables and ideal product for cleaning the crevasses of bowls. It is harmless and comfortable into the palm of your hand.
Shoe Brushes
Shoe brushes which are made out of coir fibre can be used to clean your shoes. Also to clean your pans and bowls you can use this product. Packing can be done according to the customerís requirement.
Body Brushes
Body brushes also name as Skin Brushes. Bristles have a beneficial effect on areas of cellulite because of the gentle massaging motion. Body brush helps to break up fatty deposits and the ideal product which takes care of your skin. It is harmless and to get the best result, we Noramix team use natural coco fibre and sisal fibre.
Toilet Brushes
Toilet brushes keep your toilet clean which is also 100% environmental friendly. Brushes are available in convenient sizes
Brooms which are made out using coir fibre can be produce according to your requirements and specifications.
Door Mats
Coir door mats are used for indoor purpose which is resistant to water and are very efficient in trapping dirt, soil and mud right at the doorstep.We Noramix team use the finest coir fibre which is extracted from the coconut outer husk to produce Door mats. Coir based door mats are eco friendly as they are made out of 100% natural products.The most desirable features of a door mat is the durability; we assure that the door mats we produce with thick and strong coir fibre fulfill the desired quality. Also Noramix Coir Doormats are easy to clean just shaking it off or by vacuuming. Coir door mats are available in two different sizes which can be customized also.

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