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Grow Bags

Grow bag can be defined as a prominent product which comes on compressed slab in poly bag. Grow bags can be used to grow various types of vegetable such as tomatoes, cucumber, pepper in horticulture and hydroponic green house industry. Not only that but also used for floriculture industry for roses, gerbera and many more highly demanded seasonal and non-seasonal flowers.

There are two types of grow bags based on the material used in compressed slab

  1. 100% coco peat materials
  2. Coco peat dust mix with different percentage of coco husk crushed materials.

Ex: Coco peat 70% + 30% Coco chips
Coco peat 60% + 40% Coco chips etc.

Grow bag is the ideal product which supply high air capacity in order to develop a better root. It enables plants to grow stronger by combining all the recommended nutrients and fertilizers. Grow bag helps to solve nutrition problems as the fertilizer uptake is sustain than any other substitute. At the moment we manufacture various sizes of NORAMIX COCO PEAT grow bags. Beyond standard sizes, we could also customize the product with accordance to the customerís valuable requirements.

Why should we choose grow bags?

Firstly, grow bag is the best solution for hydroponic system and it is popular among both beginners and professional gardeners, because it is very convenient to use in green houses and outdoor gardens in the traditional way.
If you are a gardener who wish to grow plants but do not have sufficient space, in that case grow bag gives you the proper solution. That you can place grow bags where ever you want.†
Are you struggling to grow plants, because of not having perfect soil? No need to worry, now you can use grow bags to fulfill all the requirements of the crop you wish to plant, because the perfect soil is already prepared in the grow bag according to the crop.
On the other hand grow bags are less messy than any other gardening methods. Lots of digging and getting dirt all over the place is not necessary at all which means dirt is already in the inside of the grow bag.

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