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Sri Lanka Balloon Festival 2011

As every year, this year also Sri Lanka has planned the Balloon Festival, which is  a colourful festival , over 80 international participants from all over the world join in this two week of flying excursion-cum-tour. Most of the hot-air balloons will be taken place at  Sigiriya and Hambantota. Colombo also will have a chance to glance the 22 hot air balloons, the height of each balloon is as a seven storey building. A quite remarkable sight, this is the third successive year starting from the 21st March to April 4th. The highlight of this particular event will be when the balloon will fly information with fixed winged air craft’s, in Hambantota. This is the first time that such a event will be held in Asia, these events are organized by the Sri Lankan Tourism along with the Ceylon Airship and Balloon Club.

On the 22nd March there would be a Night Glow Musical Show at Colombo University grounds, to mark the special event.

For those who wish to attend this festival we could arrange special packages to suit your requirement. Please contact us for further details.


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