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Sri Lanka being known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is not just a coincidence. It’s beauty cannot just be limited to books and that you would know once you have visited. The Island is a creation of Gods which resembles a fruitful nation in terms of its unspoken and uncensored beauty, wild life, best beaches, best eco tourism and sumptuous meals that indulges you. Visit the most tempting cities in Sri Lanka and answer your curiosity.


The greater Colombo is has rich multicultural traditions of many religious and ethnic groups. The world’s most modernColombo facilities are available in the city. Most of the five star hotels with every star class facility to make you feel home and to get a little spoiled whenever you need to, banks of all kinds, air line offices, shopping complexes, and harbor and night life events are in and around the city. There’s so much in store just for your convenience. Colombo is one best place to feel free to be who you are. Enjoy the best western coastal beaches to the Island.
Hotels in Colombo


Pasikuda which means green algae bay is considered to be a major attraction to the village. The village of Pasikuda owns some of the best hotels with the best of everything. Resort town Pasikuah has become a popular tourist destinationPasikuda Beach amongst local and foreigners alike. The sea level maintains a minimum and this is because it is known have one of the longest stretches of shallow coastline in the world. Pasikuda is easily accessible from Trincomalee and Batticaloa both of which has star class hotels. As more tourists have shown major interest to this village, Pasikuda is becoming an investor hub.

There’s so much fun awaiting your presence at Pasikuda. Get carried away by its speechless beauty while taking part in the best set of games and activities as scuba diving and surfing. We assure your safety and privacy along with extreme satisfaction.
Hotels in Pasikuda


Visit the most popular Hikkaduwa which is famous in terms of its unspoken beauty of the best beaches on the Island.Beach Hikkaduwa Hikkaduwa owns the cleanest beaches and enjoy the sunset at a place you were dreaming of. Take part in any of the competing beach games as you enter the golden beaches of Hikkaduwa. Relax and rest on the beach while expecting the best experiences to happen in any moment. As the city shimmers in popularity, there have been festivals organized in seasons where you can take part in. DJ’s, parties and dancing is all that takes to spend an entertaining season at Hikkaduwa. Explore the undescribed as you step into the city.
Hotels in Hikkaduwa


Residing in the golden beaches of the southern east coast, Trincomalee has been a top rated tourist attraction site from the recent past. With its best natural harbors, well known temples, sun tanning climate, stunning places like the Dutch FortPigeon Island Trincomalee and the seven hot water springs Trincomalee has earned its interest in terms of wonders and beauty. Fun activities as scuba diving, whale watching, surfing and fishing will add more color to your vacation at Trincomalee. While experiencing a different culture of Hindu enjoy all of the other entertaining activities in Trincomalee. Trincomalee promises you a vacation to remember letting you capture the unforgettable moments of your life.
Hotels in Trincomalee


Bentota which is a highly satisfying city for most tourists has become a number 1 tourist destination. A very famous west coastal beach which is popular in terms of many water sports as banana boating, canoeing, scuba diving, wind surfing andBentota Beach boat trips. Enjoy along the Bentota River and dwell in best villas which offer you all that you’d ever need for a fantastic vacation. Enjoy the rest of the vacation at Bentota while experiencing the best sea food dishes and perfect accommodation at star class hotels. Enjoy a lovely walk at the endless beaches while letting the warmth of the sun embrace you. Go out diving, take part in beach games or even go on boat trips that may help you to gain your long lost energy.
Hotels in Bentota


Negombo is that glamorous city where the endless sandy beach is at rest. Spoil yourself and enjoy a good deal of the Negombo beaches. Experience a worldly difference in terms of sea food delights, best beach games, best weather and aBeach Negombo mind blowing vacation. Take part in the fish auction and visit remarkable places to the city while you have the opportunity.
Hotels in Negombo

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay which is best known and popular for its wind surfing has also been a very popular tourist destination from the recent past. With its green waters and the best climate you can have all the fun you ever wanted during this vacation. Arugam Bay, a famous fishing village serves all its guests with the most delightful, fresh and the best sea fish ever. Vacating at Arugam Bay could be a life changing experience in terms of its beauty, hospitality and culture. Visit places as Kumana Bird Sanctuary, famous temples as Kudumbigala Rock Temple and Magul Maha Viharaya Temple and natural parks. Arugam Bay is one place you wouldn’t want to leave as you step in. Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Magul Maha Viharaya, Kudumbigala Arannya and Kumana Bird Sanctuary are places you’d take unforgettable memories of.

At the same time you can take a break from the golden beaches and the sunsets and make a move to some of the heritages cities in Sri Lanka. What Sri Lanka has become today is entirely explained if you make a visit to these sites.
Hotels in Arugam Bay


Kandy being known as the “Golden City” of Sri Lanka is a priority city to all Sri Lankans. With it’s historical and legendary tales of early Kings and Queens Kandy stands with earned pride and respect. The gorgeous city exposes nothing but theKandy Temple of the Tooth royal background of us Sri Lankans. With the best attractions blended with history and heritage Kandy has always earned the appreciation of tourists and locals. The glorious ancient city Kandy acts as the center of attraction by the exposure of best Royal architecture, Culture and history as Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Gadaladeniya, Ambekke and remarkable places like the Knuckles mountain range. The best part of being in Kandy is being able to watch the annual religious and holy procession of Kandy.
Hotels in Kandy


Dambulla has always been a marvelous attraction amongst tourists. With a full history of some of our remarkable thrones Dambulla has its own stories to tell. It is very popular that the Buddhist monks have found their best place of meditation in caves of Dambulla in terms of peaceful, calm and mind soothing surrounding. With many attractions inhabited from theDambulla Cave Temple history Dambulla stands in honor and dignity.

Dambulla Cave Temple – The amazing cave temple is built inside of a cave. The huge cave has many small caves in it which are converted to shrine rooms. With the best religious architecture the temple has been one of the best places of interest. With statues of Lord Buddha, Gods and Goddesses along with the Kings and Queens who had influence to Dambulla are present inside of the cave temple. Dambulla Cave Temple has been noted as the most impressive cave temple in Sri Lanka. The carvings are with a drip line to keep the interiors dry. Out of the five caves in the rock temple the first cave is called he Devarajalena which means the cave of the divine king. The largest is the second cave and there are sixteen standing and forty seated statues. The third cave is named as “Maha Aluth Viharaya” and there is a statue of King Kirti Sri Rajasinha who reigned in Kandy.
Hotels in Dambulla


Anuradhapura our first capital of Sri Lanka has always been a strong city in terms of religion, culture and natural beauty. The city of Anuradhapura has so much in store for all of its guests with age old legendaries and tales hidden behind. Anuradhapura gives the opportunity to visit and see holy and famous places as the eight places of venerationAnuradhapura (Atamasthana), ruins of ancient Anuradhapura kingdoms, biggest religious statues as Samadhi and Toluvila and places of interest as Isurumuniya, Magul Uyana and many more. The ancient city stands in pride of its attractions and the many monastaries surrounding the city has gained tourists admiration of all times.
Hotels in Anuradhapura


Polonnaruwa which was once an ancient kingdom back then beholds great pride in terms of it’s memory and history making it a heritages city. The golden age of Polonnaruwa began during the reign of King Parakramabahu the 1st. During his reign, Polonnaruwa was way ahead than any other city or village due to advancement under his influence. As a result of this influence trade and agriculture was sky reaching while new superior irrigationsPolonnaruwa systems were born and paddy cultivation was at a peak. However, due to Chola invasions the city faced a massive destruction.
Today, with its best planned archeological sites and unforgotten beauty, the city stands in pride amidst of all the suffering it went through in the past. Polonnaruwa which is the 2nd largest city in the north province holds possession of many attractions as the Lankatilaka Temple, Thuparama, Sandakada Pahana, Statue at Gal Vihara, Vatadage, Nissanka Latha Mandapaya, statue of King Parakramabahu and ruins at Polonnaruwa.
Hotels in Polonnaruwa


Sigiriya which is known as the world heritage site has noted as one of the most visited places by the tourists. The Sigiriya Rock which was built by King Kashyapa has been announced as the 8th world wonder by the UNESCO. The amazing rock fortress is a must to visit. Inside the cave has its mind blowing paintings with history and tales hidden behind them.Sigiriya Sigirya has been a popular destination to most tourists because of its remarkable and captivating paintings and carvings of history.

Visitors to the palace have to enter through a stone stairway that takes them into the lion’s mouth and through its throat. Only the lion’s massive paws remain today, but they indicate how gigantic the rest of the carving must have been. A new stairway has been attached to the side of the rock to allow access to the summit, enabling visitors to stroll around the ruins of the palace and gasp at the panoramic views. Two water tanks used for bathing and drinking still fill with rain water. Sigiriya frescoes and graffiti, the royal garden of Sigiriya,the lion staircase, the Sigiriya palace and the Sigiriya museum are the best attractions to the city.
Hotels in Sigiriya

Nuwara Eliya

Planning to spend a vacation in a place of magical beauty? Nuwara Eliya is the ideal place of your thoughts. The dazzling Nuwara Eliya is also called as the “Little England”. The magnificent city exposes its real beauty at all times and is a place of genuine peace and calm. With panoramic views of highland tea estates, mind blowing and famous waterfalls, the tallestNuwara Eliya mountains like Pidurutalagala and with the best temperature, your vacation will be better! With a cool and a tempting environment Nuwara Eliya has gained the best interest of most tourists. What not can you do in Nuwara Eliya? Play Golf, enjoy horse riding, and take part in Polo matches or even mountain races and visit interesting places as world’s end, Hakgala Botanical Garden, Gregory’s Lake and tea estates and take part in outdoor fun activities as trekking, hunting, hiking and canoeing and many more.
Hotels in Nuwara Eliya

What else on earth would one want for a vacation to be extraordinarily perfect? Sri Lanka therefore is one of the best tourist destinations in the entire world where one could open up, relax and enjoy at the same time.



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